U.S. Census Bureau's time to complete the 2020 Census has been shortened by one month!

The U.S. Census Bureau will conclude its 2020 Census count by Sept. 30, a month sooner than announced when field operations were extended due to COVID-19.

Census takers are already visiting households who have not yet responded to the 2020 Census. If a census worker stops by and the door isn't answered, the worker will leave a notice of the visit along with the household's Census ID and encouragement to respond right away. Click here to learn more about census visits.

Remember, every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau counts each resident in the United States. Data collected in the U.S. Census brings the right amount of federal money to your local community for local programs that help you and your neighbors. For every household that doesn’t get counted, we lose $39,000 over a 10-year period.

How is Kansas doing?

87.3% of Kansas households have been counted in the 2020 Census. That number is a combination of the state's 68.3% self-response rate combined with the 19.0% of households having been contacted and counted by census takers involved with Non-Response Follow-UP (NRFU) operations. Kansas ranks fourth in the nation in percentage of households counted, trailing Idaho (94.4%). West Virginia (88.9%) and Washington (88.1%). Kansas is more than 10 percentage points above the percentage of households counted nationwide, which stands at 77.4%. You can track that here.

How is Johnson County doing with our self-response rate?

Johnson County cities and townships are doing great! As of Aug. 26. Johnson County has the highest self-response in Kansas with a 78% self-response rate. To put that in perspective, the national rate of self-response is 64.5%. As you can see below, all JoCo cities and townships are performing better than the national self-response rate. Here are state rankings out of Kansas' 1,807 cities and townships. Extra kudos to Mission Woods for coming in #1 in the entire state of Kansas for its self-response rate!

City Self-Response Rate
as of 8/26/20
Self-Response Rate
State Ranking
Mission Woods 92.5% #1
Oxford Twnship 87.1% #4
Westwood Hills 85.8% #10
Fairway 85.7% #11
Mission Hills 84.1% #27
Leawood 84.0% #29
Prairie Village 82.2% #49
Lake Quivira 82.1% #52
McCamish Twnshp 81.8% #59
Westwood 81.6% #61
Aubry Twnshp 81.3% #69
Shawnee 80.6% #84
Lexington Twnshp 80.1% #96
Olathe 78.3% #145
Roeland Park 78.3% #145
Merriam 77.9% #157
Spring Hill 77.7% #165
Overland Park 76.7% #187
Gardner 76.1% #206
Lenexa 75.2% #229
Gardner Twnshp 74.8% #247
Mission 74.7% #252
Edgerton 72.6% #340
De Soto 70.5% #431

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Links for data on Census self-response rates: